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Digital Playhouse's STEAM Glossary of Related Words

Digital Playhouse’s STEAM Glossary of Related Words!

Here’s a look at our STEAM Glossary to help familiarize yourself with the necessary terms for STEAM Education.

superconductors: what they have to offer

Superconductors: What They Have to Offer

Technology is constantly changing and developing. Superconductors may be rare but hopefully they’ll be developed for a brighter and greener future.

the importance of extracurricular activities for children

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Children

Extracurricular activities for children have always been important for both their mental development and mental well-being.

Building Up STEAM Board Games

Building Up STEAM Board Games

STEAM Board Games are the ideal way to combine learning the skills that will help in every aspect of life, together with fun.

Add A to STEM: Bring Out Your Inner MacGyver

Add A to STEM: Bring Out Your Inner MacGyver

There are so many benefits to learning art that STEM Education has added an A. What is STEAM Education and what’s so good about it?

girl carving pumpkins

DIY Ideas to Boost Children’s Creativity

DIY allows children to grow emotionally and physically through sensory exploration of the world around them.

Why is Robotic Literacy Necessary for Education?

Robotics makes education more engaging by creating a sense of fun through learning.

kids playing board game

Digital Playhouse: Board Games and STEAM Education

Board games are some of the best tools ever created for implementing STEAM education. They are fun and play an integral role in the development of mental and social skills.  …

Digital Playhouse Roadshow: Pensmith STEM International School Open House

Digital Playhouse visited Pensmith STEM International School to share how Robotics and Coding may be leveraged for STEAM education.

Makecode micro:bit Makes Coding Accessible for Children

Makecode enables children to learn coding and computer science skills,as well as develop collaboration, communication, creativity, and problem solving.