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Computer Basics

Computer Lessons for Kids (Basic to Advanced)

Introduction to computers and its use. Include typing skills, use of standard publishing and word processing softwares and applications! Making computer and technology fun for kids.

Why Computer Lessons?

Develop a healthy attitude and confidence with the use of computers and softwares early on. Kids today live in the age of hyperconnectivity and are the true digital natives, who are able to attain fluency with technology at a surprising speed.

Future Opportunity – STEM Professionals

There is no denying that STEM professionals will be in top demand in the near future: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Document Processing Skills

Learn the basic foundation of computers – typing and word processing. Start early on foundation skills that would be neccessary throughout college and work.

Cloud-based Collaboration & Research

Learn the basics of internet research and cloud-based collaboration by using Google Drive and messenging.


For starters, all you need is a computer with camera or tablet/iPad and internet access.

100% Online Learning

Yes it’s possible for kids to learn coding, robotics and other creative tech courses online.

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