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The Digital Playhouse Philosophy

Enabling DQ – Digital Quotient for the next generation

Technology and digital is set to play an ever more prominent role in the future. DQ isn’t only for the younger generation, but it’s about ramping up digital literacy across all generations.

Understanding DQ – Digital Quotient

2022 All courses via Online Classes

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Robotics & Technology Sciences

Coding as an ART

Coding and programming is more than just understanding computers and technology. In order to fully grasps the concept of robotics and coding, we encourage each child to embrace the arts alongside technology. 

Creative thinking and arts, together with strategic thinking and logic opens up new possibilities for children to learn Robotics, design their own algorithms and the foundation to understanding AI (Artificial Intelligence).


For starters, all you need is a computer with camera or tablet/iPad and internet access.

100% Online Learning

Yes it’s possible for kids to learn coding, robotics and other creative tech courses online.

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    At what age could my child join?

    Our classes are designed for 9 years old and above.

    Can my child learn coding without basic computer skills?

    Yes, with some basics such as the use of keyboad and mouse. It’s also possible to use the iPad.

    What can my child do with the coding skills he/she learned?

    Coding is a good building block for a strong foundation in strategic thinking, planning and logic.

    How are the lessons delivered?

    We use Scratch and Micro:bit for most lessons. However, other platforms are also used to support learning such as Minecraft.

    How many students are there per session?

    We limit sessions to no more than 5 students in order to be able to allocate good time for each child.

    Besides a computer/laptop or tablet and iPad with internet connection, will I need any other equipment? This is sufficient for basic programming. For Robotics a microcontroller would be involved.

    Make Technology Fun!

    Enabling Digital Intelligence for the Generation of Tomorrow.