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Digital Teachers

Learn from Tech Experts with a passion for teaching.

The Digital Playhouse team is a group of experienced digital and tech professionals with teaching and conselling backgrounds. Our mission is digital and tech enablement. We’ve serviced large corporations but nothing is more important to us than the chance to enable the children as well: The Generation of Tomorrow.

Generation of Tomorrow – Digital Natives
The Digital Playhouse Philosophy

Enabling DQ – Digital Quotient for the next generation

Technology and digital is set to play an ever more prominent role in the future. DQ isn’t only for the younger generation, but it’s about ramping up digital literacy across all generations.

Understanding DQ – Digital Quotient

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Re-learning is about revisiting ourselves

Challenging Our Belief System

As we go through life, we experience events, collegues, supervisors, challenges and achievements that shape our belief system. These systems are not set and stone as long as we allow ourselves to re-learn our personal truths and core values.

Re-learning allows us to become more self-actualized, more flexible, more open, more mature. And with that, comes confidence. That confidence is the key to our success. 

Everyone is a maker. Make your own future.

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