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Coding Kids

Programming for Kids – Create Own Game

Coding and programming can be made fun for kids! Let your child enjoy creating their own computer games using an interactive interface. 

Why Programming for Kids

Cultivate and encourage computational thinking, and problem solving skills early – some of the basic foundations for software engineers of the future.

Problem Solving

Children are naturally fast learners. Programming and coding enables them to practice critical thinking and problem solving skills.

Stimulate Creativity

Coding lets children explore ideas on how they want their programs and games to play out. Empowering children to discover the creator within in an open unlimited environment.

The Future is a Digital World

Every child is unique. Whether or not they have an affinity for coding, knowing how softwares and are created can only be beneficial for them to navigate the future digital world.


For starters, all you need is a computer with camera or tablet/iPad and internet access.

100% Online Learning

Yes it’s possible for kids to learn coding, robotics and other creative tech courses online.

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