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Makers Club

Makers Club
(Create Your Own Digital Toy)

Take it a step further and make programming fun for kids by letting them create their own digital toys. Maker’s club mixes the best of both worlds: prgoramming logic and creative arts.

Why Maker’s Club?

Develop a healthy attitude and confidence with programming, robotics and maker’s technologies such as 3D printing from a young age. Kids today live in the age of hyperconnectivity and are the true digital natives, who are able to attain fluency with technology at a surprising speed.

Future Opportunity – STEAM Professionals

There is no denying that STEAM professionals will be in top demand in the near future: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Creative Tech

Technology is not all about programming logic but also creative arts and understanding mechanics and motors. Boosting creativity let’s children take robotics to a whole new level.

Make Learning Fun

Learn the ins and outs of technology. Most importantly, children should have fun while they learn.


For starters, all you need is a computer with camera or tablet/iPad and internet access.

100% Online Learning

Yes it’s possible for kids to learn coding, robotics and other creative tech courses online.

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