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Learning Methods: Rote vs Observational vs Play

Learning Methods: Rote vs. Observational vs. Play

There are many different learning methods and they each have their merits, but there’s no wrong way to learn.

Digital Playhouse's STEAM Glossary of Related Words

Digital Playhouse’s STEAM Glossary of Related Words!

Here’s a look at our STEAM Glossary to help familiarize yourself with the necessary terms for STEAM Education.

superconductors: what they have to offer

Superconductors: What They Have to Offer

Technology is constantly changing and developing. Superconductors may be rare but hopefully they’ll be developed for a brighter and greener future.

the importance of extracurricular activities for children

The Importance of Extracurricular Activities for Children

Extracurricular activities for children have always been important for both their mental development and mental well-being.

Building Up STEAM Board Games

Building Up STEAM Board Games

STEAM Board Games are the ideal way to combine learning the skills that will help in every aspect of life, together with fun.

Microscopy: Learning Through Discovery

Microscopy: Learning Through Discovery

Whatever the new normal has in store for education, learning through discovery is as important as ever. Microscopy is one of the best ways of doing that.

planting with kids at home

Planting with Kids at Home

Planting with kids can be both educational and entertaining. Teach them how to garden and get your own supply of fresh produce for your table.

Add A to STEM: Bring Out Your Inner MacGyver

Add A to STEM: Bring Out Your Inner MacGyver

There are so many benefits to learning art that STEM Education has added an A. What is STEAM Education and what’s so good about it?

Fun Indoor Activities for Parent and Child

Fun Indoor Activities for Parent and Child

Stuck at home? You don’t have to be bored! There are thousands of indoor activities that you and your children can do together while staying safe inside.

tabletop games blog banner

Tabletop Games Back With a Vengeance

Tabletop games fell out of popularity for awhile. Find out why they’re back with a vengeance and more relevant than ever in the digital age.