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Unstructured Learning Group

Discover and Learn Technology At Varying Pace

Let Your Child Set Their Own Pace

The unstructured learning group is an open group that lets children discover and learn technology at their own pace. Every child is unique and may experience technology differently.  

The special group session is setup so that the teachers will engage and immerse with each child’s interest as a coach – encouraging self-discovery on the use of technology.


Discover and learn how to use computer, applications and software at your child’s own pace.


Let’s each child creatively discover and create own rules of the game for robots – Unstructured coding skills.

Learning Via Technology

Engage and experience the various use and tablets, messenging and collaboration apps.

Instructors as Coach

Session instructors support each child as a coach. Immersing themselves into each child’s learning experience.

Tech Learning Group

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Every child is unique and learns at varying pace. The unstructured learning group allows children of varying affinity to experience and learn technology side-by-side.