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HR Playtivities

Personnel Development Through Play

The future of human resource development is learning and re-conditioning through play. The emergence of digital tools and technologies means change is inevitable and many businesses have turned to the HR department as one of the key drivers for Digital Transformation.

Digital Playhouse offers key services to enable transformation through board games and maker’s playtivities.

Re-conditioning Program

Use of game play inherent in board games and maker’s games provides a safe space for individuals re-learn. Allowing team members to re-discover themselves and apply their new perspectives into professional working relationships.

Product Training

Use of game cards and play, associates Fun with Learning about and memorizing massive sets of product lines. Leveraging the use of boardgames allows business to ramp-up and improve the quality of sales and product trainings.

Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking is required as a foundation business acumen. Using board game mechanics to set the stage for certain scenarios allow team members to practice strategic thinking and problem solving skills. 

Our Services

Maker’s Game for Learning and People Development

Maker’s Games

Re-invent Human Resource Programs. 

Leverage on the use of gameplay concepts inherent in boardgames. With the ability to prototype and customize boardgames to your specific needs.

  – Setting Goals
  – Strategic Thinking Skills
  – Business Simulation
  – Product & Service Training
  – Management Skills
  – Ice Breaking & Team Building
  – Emotional Competence

 Most importantly…. it’s Fun. Associate your business learning path with fun. Make it effective and memorable.

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