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What is (DQ) Digital Quotient?

DQ digital quotient

What is (DQ) Digital Quotient?

Technology is fast-changing the world and the way we do things on a day-to-day basis. The true digital natives are the growing generation, who’s socio-emotional competencies, learning, hobbies and way of life will be seamlessly integrated with technology.

The development of the self; identify, personality, method of communication, skills and talents will eventually all happen together with technology and the internet. Preparing children, the generation of tomorrow has become more than just about teaching the basics of Language, Mathematics, History or Geography but the (safe and healthy) use of technology.


From IQ (Intelligence Quotient), EQ (Emotional Quotient), we have now come to the age of DQ (Digital Quotient). Supporting the children’s digital learning and understanding of the benefits and risks of digital, allows them to grow up fully equipped to navigate the digital world.

DQ (Digital Quotient) is broken down into 3 main components:

Digital Citizenship: This involves knowing the unspoken code of behavior that is accepted online, as well as knowing the dangers such as identity theft and fake users lurking around corners of the internet.

Digital Creativity: This involves the ability to utilize technology and digital tools to become active contributors, such as knowing how to code and program, create digital art and content.

Digital Entrepreneurship: This involves the ability to make use of technology to create and innovate even better technologies, digital services.

Digital Quotient isn’t just for the children, but for educators and parents. A collaborative effort to prepare the children for digital disruption.

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