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7 Solo Play Board Games

7 solo play board games

7 Solo Play Board Games

With so many options and recommendations of solo board games, which should you start with? If you can’t seem to decide which to try first, we’ve hand-picked a few to help you narrow down your choices here!

Why Solo Play Board Games?

Solo play board games are perfect for when you can’t find anyone to play with as often as you’d like, and they can be just as fun! Also, maybe you just don’t want to go through the hassle of explaining the game to someone who’s never played it before. Another good reason to find board games that you can play alone, or in pairs, is that a lot of us are locked in or quarantining ourselves right now. 

Without further ado, here are 7 suggestions:

Source: Board Game Geek

I’d like to kick this list off with one of the most fun games I’ve ever played, though to be fair we played it co-op. Still, it can be played alone and still be fun! Bring back the nostalgia of your formative years. This is a deck-building game where you can choose to play as either Harry, Ron, Hermione, or Neville. The goal is to fight back the forces of evil that’s trying to overrun Hogwarts through a series of 7 separate games which increase in difficulty. 

Okay, I agree that this is a little on the nose for the times right now. But, it has the highest overall rank on board game geek of the games that I’ve included in this list. Other iterations of Zombicide are just as good, but in Black Plague they’ve gone medieval on us! Swords, sorcery, and staying alive (not the song). What could be better?! Your goal is to defeat the zombie hordes and their necromancer overlords. Sounds like an adventure!

Source: Kickstarter

From the black plague to a dark orchestra, this isn’t about a hooded or cloaked classical concert. This game is for the history and war buffs. Travel back in time to the 2nd world war and join the conspiracy against Hitler. Maybe a little too dark for the younger ones, your ultimate goal is to defeat him. Start with solo play, and when you get out of isolation it’ll be the perfect game to play co-op with your usual gaming buddies. 

a fun solo play board game
Source: Our own unboxing Facebook post.

Okay, I’ll be honest, this isn’t the highest ranked game. But, I’ve played it and it’s really fun! This is particularly entertaining for the gamers out there. The awesome artwork does the video game justice. Your goal? Stop Ragnarok from coming. You can choose from heroes like Kratos, Mimir, Atreus, Brok and Sindri, and Freya. And, you’ll be fighting the same bosses you did in the video game, but in different ways obviously. Apart from the different heroes, there are multiple scenarios, which guarantees you’ll get multiple games out of it 

hot! solo play board game
Source: Board Game Geek

Alright, stepping away from fantasy and history to bring you something a little more realistic. Realistic? You be the judge. Play professional firefighters as you fight to rescue victims from a fire before they die. Ranked overall at 311, this game is hot! Pun intended. Multiple variations, incredible artwork, and several expansion maps guarantee an entertaining and long lasting game for you to play solo or with your friends and family.

solo play board game for the burglar in you
Source: Board Game Geek

Not much to say. With an overall rank of 218, this game “stole” my heart. I want to buy it! I’m going to order it! I love cooperative and solo play board games. In Burgle Bros., you’re part of a crew trying to rob an extremely secure building. The other goal, um obviously?, is to not get caught. If anyone has this game, or has played it, please comment and let me know. Would love more feedback :). 

probably the best solo play board game
Source: Board Game Geek

I cannot not mention this game. It is currently the number one overall ranked game on Board Game Geek! Number 1! Out of over 100,000 games! Okay enough gushing. Gloomhaven has it all. Adventure, combat, strategy, and teamwork if you’re not playing solo. Dungeons, ruins, magic, and mythical monsters. Play your power cards carefully to clear out the dungeons in a timely manner, or face the consequences.

A good game for solo play should leave you wanting to play more and feeling like each time you play is different. For those who lived through the 90s, you know who you are, you’ll know that Solitaire is a good example of this. And, if you like strategy, but don’t want to play alone, Chess is an amazing option that you can play for free with anyone around the world. Just go to

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to play solo play board games, but only one matters right now. Social distancing will help flatten the curve. So stay home, order some board games online, and play either solo or with your family at home. Remember, the suggestions above are just 7 out of over 100,000 board game options, many of which have the option for solo play. If you would like more suggestions, feel free to contact us through our Facebook or website. Happy gaming!