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5 Print and Play Board Games to Help You Stay Home

5 Print & Play Board Games to Help You Stay Home

5 Print and Play Board Games to Help You Stay Home

Crowdfunding platforms, like Kickstarter, have changed how we buy board games. Many of them come with a free print-and-play (PnP) option for you to download and try. 

But it’s not just introductory versions of games that are available. There are plenty of print and play board games available, and many of them are free! Now that we’re all practicing social distancing, board games are a good way to keep yourself entertained and mentally stimulated at the same time. They’ll definitely make it easier for you to stay at home. If you’re living alone, there are solo play games available as well. All you need to do is find a game you’re interested in, download it, and then print and cut it out and you’re ready to play. 

These are a few pics of a Print and Play Game that we printed out to play amongst ourselves! You can find the link to download it from Kickstarter for yourself in the caption above, or if you feel like it you can purchase the full version from their website. It’s a pretty cool game that’s suitable for ages 8 and up! Become a samurai on a quest to become supreme military commander of Japan. 

What other Print and Play Board Games Are Out There?

There are tons of print and play board games available nowadays. We’re spoiled for choice. It comes down to your own personal preferences in the end, but we have compiled a list of just a few of them that might interest you. You can click on the name of each game and be directed to the site where you can purchase or download it. Here are the other four games:

First of all, cute! This game was designed by designer Elizabeth Hargrave of Wingspan fame. Tussie Mussie is based on the old Victorian tradition of giving small bouquets of flowers. It’s fairly simple to play and is perfect for 2 to 4 players. 

Reminiscent of everyone’s favorite space opera, this game for 2 to 4 players throws you right into a space battle. Expand, explore, exploit, and exterminate! Build fleets of spaceships, invade systems controlled by other players, and seek to conquer the Imperium. You can even form and break alliances! Jam packed with strategy

This game was a nominee for the 2015 Golden Geek Best Print and Play Board Game Contest. It’s a solo-play dice game about surviving in space. Your starship was tricked and trapped and it’s up to you, the captain, to hold on until a rescue fleet appears. 

Print and Play 12 Patrols

Another solo play game! They’re just so good. You play a Constable, sending out your knights and footmen to protect the different regions of your kingdom. It’s simple to put together and even won 2nd place for best overall game in the 2019 9 Card Design Contest! On top of that, it’s free!

The truth is, there are so many print and play board games available out there, but we can’t list them all. If you’re interested in board games, or starting to develop an interest in them, print-and-play is a good way to start. It’s either free or affordable. And, they’re real board games! If you want recommendations for a fun print and play board game, or want to know where you can get components like dice or tokens that you can’t print at home, feel free to contact us via our Facebook or Website.